August 6, 2014

She found him standing before the water staring unseeing at its frozen surface. He was shivering. She watched him doubtfully for a moment.
“Po,” she said to his back, “where’s your coat?”
“Where’s yours?”
She moved to stand beside him. “I’m warm.”
He tilted his head to her. “If you’re warm and I’m coatless, there’s only one friendly thing for you to do.”
“Go back and get your coat for you?”
He smiled. Reaching out to her, he pulled her close against him. Katsa wrapped her arms around him, surprised, and tried to rub some warmth into his shivering shoulders and back.
“That’s it exactly,” Po said. “You must keep me warm.”
She laughed and held him tighter.
Kristin Cashore, Graceling

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