January 9, 2012

lil trip

final exams have finished \o/ soooo yeayness yet a lil bit worried about the results. but i've tried my best, let Allah do the rest. so let's not talking about exams anymore. it's time for holiday, yeah holiday! *krik*

so, after the last exam (financial accounting) me and my friends, asni fella iqi,  decided to go to depok to buy some accessories. so girly things, huh? we had lunch first at my uncle's restaurant then we went to kober, the place where you can find almost everything, and the price is cheaper than the other places. it was raining but we still excited. after buying some stuffs, i asked them to visit the yellow jacket campus for a while.

we planned nothing, we just enjoyed taking the yellow bus and saw the campus environment through the window. we stopped at balairung, then we walked to the big new library. this was the third time i visited the library. it's a really nice place, of course. we enjoyed our time there even we did nothing. just saw what was going on around us. i met some of my highschool friends there, so did my friends.

surprisingly, someone came with his soulmate. yeah, long time no see him. i couldn't hide my feelings, but i kept trying to. i was uhm, happy. but thanks anyway dear you <3

me and my friends took some photos there (the most important thing!). all i wanna say is, our lil trip was unpredictably great! it was a real fun, too bad the other friends didn't come with us. but we will :-)

happy holiday for college students! hoping that we'll got the best scores in this semester \o/\o/\o/

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