January 8, 2012

first post at 2012

long time no write here. missing my blog? you may say that. i actually had many things to share. but you know, i'm busy yet lazy to write lately. everything's just not right. well, my mind said so. i just survived from illness (the doctor told me nothing but dad said it was such a dysentery or something like that) which made me suffer for a week. the worse is, i'm currently having final exams. repeat. FINAL EXAMS. this week. yeah cool huh?

but i realized that Allah really loves me, so He let this happened to me. dear problems, i have a big God :-)

so i'm not hoping for a perfect scores in this final exams. no, no. i'm hoping good scores but not expecting too much. with that condition, i'm not sure that i did all the exams perfectly, but i did as best as i could. the important point to me is, i must not make my parents disappointed. that's all.

by the way, the only purpose i write here now is to thank to my bestfriend anis for writing this special post to me. thanks a lot, i appreciate it very much. love ya!

there's still one more exam tomorrow. this is so last-but-not-least. principal of accounting. wish me luck! after that......:-):-):-)

happy new year 2012 bloggies! keep writing and blogging. see you soon, promise to share you many stories \o/

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