November 24, 2011


this is the most hectic week so far on my first semester at college. repeat, so far. because i know there will be many more hectic weeks. and this is just the beginning.

lot lot lot of assignments that must be collected this week. furthermore im going to have such leadership training event at puncak, bogor for three days. a lil bit exctlited yet completely lazy because my college mates and i gotta prepare a bunch of things. but all i can do is just enjoying what will happen and what is happening and what had happened. im a true college student. and college student used to this things. i have to.

and i have a good-bad news. but looks like i wont share it here :-P

ya, wish us luck thn for the upcoming activities! stay positive. and im just hoping that november ends soon please. huhu. i need december. but i urgently need a very good me time please please please. :-(

see ya! goodluck and do your best in everything you do!

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