March 11, 2011

Syafakallah grandpa :'

And finally it happened. I'm still staying at grandpa's home. I woke up late this morning and found out my grandpa, uncle, and aunt weren't there. And my little cousin's babysitter said that they went to RSPP at five thirty. She said that grandpa's condition wasn't getting better. It wasn't really serious, but he has to be hospitalized. Ya Allah, please protect my grandpa... I love him so much. Get well verrrrrrrrrrry son, grandpa :'( <3

And tonight is the last rehearsal. We will play two fun songs. I'll tell you later okay :) and my father will take me home after the rehearsal :') how I miss him so much!

I'll catch you later. Gonna have a little practice with Benisa too. Uyey!


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