March 7, 2011

Ketika maret menyapa!

Hell yeah, it's already march pals! How's your february? Mine was pretty good, hope that yours were great too. But don't worry, both good things and bad things we got last month should be good teachers for us to face many things that will happen tomorrow :)

March started nicely. Surprisingly I got a good news which I've been waiting for from a sudden call. I actually didn't expect it too much, but I was so glad to hear the news. And I will definitely go for it. Yeay!!!

Oya, my closest neighbor just got married last saturday. She is a graduate from psychology UI, and her husband is from Nanyang. Wew, such perfect and smart couple, huh? *envy*. So my family and my neighbors were very very busy. THe wedding party was held at Balai Komando, and I had to be pager ayu which means..... I had to be maked up (didandanin). How I hate such girl things like that -_- but I was so pasraaahhhhhhh. Tapi ternyata hasilnya lumayan :D hihihi. I looked pretty good ;;)

As I said. March started awesomely. Lihoja (Liga Hockey Jakarta) will begin in a week or two weeks. Well I just can't wait to have a match together with my new hockey team. I'm really sure the league will be great, and I hope that we will win the league, amiiiiinnnn O:)

Sampe situ dulu deh. See you!

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