March 14, 2011

Hello pals! How's your monday? Hehehe, just remembered what Voldemort said in his twitter @lord_voldemort7Who needs dementors to suck out your soul when Mondays exist? *lol

I actually wanted to post something about my weekend but I'm now so tired and gonna do my homework and housework, huft.

So, I'm just dropping by to say thanks to my bestfriend, boi a.k.a keykhare a.k.a kharisma for her post. I love you so much! Hope that our friendship will last forever :') amin!!!!!!!!

And I will tell you about my weekend later. Good luck for you all who's gonna have midtest! Keep studying and praying for the best :D

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  1. I hate mondays! But now we have vacation so no school :p

    xx khadija


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