March 14, 2011

Hello pals! How's your monday? Hehehe, just remembered what Voldemort said in his twitter @lord_voldemort7Who needs dementors to suck out your soul when Mondays exist? *lol

I actually wanted to post something about my weekend but I'm now so tired and gonna do my homework and housework, huft.

So, I'm just dropping by to say thanks to my bestfriend, boi a.k.a keykhare a.k.a kharisma for her post. I love you so much! Hope that our friendship will last forever :') amin!!!!!!!!

And I will tell you about my weekend later. Good luck for you all who's gonna have midtest! Keep studying and praying for the best :D

March 11, 2011

Syafakallah grandpa :'

And finally it happened. I'm still staying at grandpa's home. I woke up late this morning and found out my grandpa, uncle, and aunt weren't there. And my little cousin's babysitter said that they went to RSPP at five thirty. She said that grandpa's condition wasn't getting better. It wasn't really serious, but he has to be hospitalized. Ya Allah, please protect my grandpa... I love him so much. Get well verrrrrrrrrrry son, grandpa :'( <3

And tonight is the last rehearsal. We will play two fun songs. I'll tell you later okay :) and my father will take me home after the rehearsal :') how I miss him so much!

I'll catch you later. Gonna have a little practice with Benisa too. Uyey!

March 10, 2011


The title is 15:15 because I started to write this post at 15:15. Okay I'm really bad at giving title of a post -_- skip skip skip.

I'm actually not in the mood right now, it's all caused by this super horrible stomach cramp which usually comes attacking me every month. And it has been making me blue for two days. Just hoping that myself will get better soon. In spite of my illness, I still had to go for band rehearsal, because my college is going to hold an event, such malam-bakat-kreasi thing, and my senior asked me to play with them to join the jam session for the opening of the party. I was glad of course, but unfortunately my tummy is slowly killing me. But um... yeah, I'm always excited to perform anyway.

So, how is your second semester pals? Is it interesting? I found some of my friends having hectic days, weeks, or even the whole semester. But guys, you should be grateful for it. Just enjoy this okay? :)

Well, mine isn't good. I skip some (or maybe many) classes in this second semester for private reasons. Actually I wanna tell you here but I think that's a pretty bad idea hehehe. And yeah, maybe some of you have knew about this. The things which can make me wanna stay here are only band and soccer. And my friends of course! I think I have to tell you that I'm such a lucky kid, having many nice and sweet friends who always support me here. I'm sure that they will pray the best for me. Amin O:)

But I just found this quote. It really means so much to me, indeed.
You can't just leave people, then come back expecting they will always wait for you with warm welcome. -via @wilzkanadi
 It's absolutely definitely certainly right. So if you don't want to be left by your friends, don't leave them. I actually want to say sorry to all my friends if I've done something like this. I'm really sorry.

Yeah... So... Then... I think it's enough for now. I just wanted to show you how I feel right now. And the thing making me more miserable is my grandpa. I stayed in his home for about 2-3 days, and I just found out this morning that he's..............strength-less. Um, I just...... he did really tried hard to speak and walk and eat. Nothing for me to say, but I just can pray for him.

So that's it. I will write again later. See ya! And have a great time :)

I missed March 9th

Actually I had been waiting for March 9th, but I missed it. Keduluan si anis deh jadinya. Sebenernya gara-gara dia, gw jadi suka Remioromen. Ya, terutama lagu March 9th sama Konayuki. Entah kenapa kedua lagu ini, yang juga original soundtrack nya drama seri jepang One Litre Of Tears, sukses banget bikin gw tertegun. Malah kalo didengerin seksama, gw bisa nangis loh. Padahal gw ga begitu ngerti liriknya, secara bahasanya jepang. Tapi nada-nadanya itu loh yang bikin gimanaaaaaaaaa gitu.

ini band remioromen loh
So, happy March 9th! Hmmm gapapa ya walopun udah lewat -_- bagi yang mau tau gimana lagunya, cari aja sendiri ya *plak* hehehe, recommended loh.

March 7, 2011

Ketika maret menyapa!

Hell yeah, it's already march pals! How's your february? Mine was pretty good, hope that yours were great too. But don't worry, both good things and bad things we got last month should be good teachers for us to face many things that will happen tomorrow :)

March started nicely. Surprisingly I got a good news which I've been waiting for from a sudden call. I actually didn't expect it too much, but I was so glad to hear the news. And I will definitely go for it. Yeay!!!

Oya, my closest neighbor just got married last saturday. She is a graduate from psychology UI, and her husband is from Nanyang. Wew, such perfect and smart couple, huh? *envy*. So my family and my neighbors were very very busy. THe wedding party was held at Balai Komando, and I had to be pager ayu which means..... I had to be maked up (didandanin). How I hate such girl things like that -_- but I was so pasraaahhhhhhh. Tapi ternyata hasilnya lumayan :D hihihi. I looked pretty good ;;)

As I said. March started awesomely. Lihoja (Liga Hockey Jakarta) will begin in a week or two weeks. Well I just can't wait to have a match together with my new hockey team. I'm really sure the league will be great, and I hope that we will win the league, amiiiiinnnn O:)

Sampe situ dulu deh. See you!