February 9, 2011


Just watched The Green Hornet yesterday, before doing latian hockey rutin at UI. And I completely enchanted by Jay Chou a.k.a Kato!!!! <3

The film was good, very good I think. I couldn't stop laughing almost in every scene. It was unpredictable, so it was completely entertaining. Seth Rogen as Britt Reid was silly and funny. And Cameron Diaz! Oh, as always, she was cool and awesome. Recommended to watch lah ya..

Oya, just found out that Bruce Lee played as Kato in Green Hornet TV series at 1966-1967. WOW! Fyi, I'm a big fan of Bruece Lee because of kungfu things. Aaaaa I really wanna watch the Green Hornet TV series... :(

Jadi pada intinya... I don't know whether I'm in love with Jay Chou or even Bruce Lee. All I know is now I'm really falling for Kato... <333

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