June 8, 2010

Farewell Party

Bonjour all.

Well, first of all, I wanna say this is the first time I make a post in my cellphone. Cool, right? I feel different because I used to write in pc (of course lah). But wherever I write, I onle have one mission anyway: always update my beloved blog :)

So, what about your last weekend guys? Mine was totally awesome. My class held a farewell party at Sekar's house. We were BBQ-ing, singing, dancing, playing games, exchanging presents, and many more. I didn't expect that the party would be fun. But finally it really happened.

Yeah, I was very happy during the party. So were my classmates. And our BBQ was really yummeh! And at the exchanging presents, I got a gift from Anfusa, a nice mug. Thanks Uca :) and vemdia got a gift from me, but I didn't tell her. Keep the gift, Vemdia ;)

At the end of our party, we were playing (uh not playing I think) fireworks! It made the night become more wonderful. The fireworks were very very beautiful. It was just like celebrating new year.

Simply, I could say that the night was unexpectedly fabulous. Thanks to Dularsih a.k.a Kompa5, you made me won't forget about this. I mean, yeah, actually I always think that I didn't really 'in' at the class. But, I changed my mind, you're good enough, XII Science 5 :)

Oya, just wait til I get the captures of the party okay

See ya

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