April 14, 2010


I think this is song of the week or maybe song of the month. Well, I'm currently listening to this song, especially at night before I close my eyes.

I'm missing many things. Yeah, a lot of things... :'(

So, this is I.M.U.L by D'Cinnamons. If you wanna hear the song, just download by yourselves ya ha ha ha. (parah banget gue emang)

I got your message
An = (equal mark)
A ) (close brackets)
It's a sign of little smile to me..
From you..

I made a reply
A ; (semicolon)
A capital P
It's a wink of teasing eye from me..
To you

It's already late tonight, I cannot go to sleep
I tried counting sheep & lambs, didn't work
I miss you dear too much..

I want to send you another message
for the words I Miss You, Love
Sleep tight,
Sweet dreams,
My love.

It's getting too hard to sleep, the feeling's just not right
My mind is so full of you,
Got to see you!
& show you how I feel..

Can't believe it, it's only been one day
But I miss you, Love..


What do you think?