April 21, 2010

I do love my famiy. Yeah, I really really do.

Actually, I just want to tell you that my family means a lot for me. If someone asks me like this: "How deep is your love to your family?" Well, I don't know what kind answer I could give. But surely I really love my family, though sometimes I get annoyed, sad, angry, or I just feel not right. It's okay, I think it's normally happened in everyday, right?

I wish I can make them happy and proud of me.
And I wish Allah loves them and always protects them.

And these are some photos captured in Yogya and Kebumen couple months ago. It was such a nice trip! Sorry for 'keterlambatan' to show you these. Hehe.

Rifqi Naufal & Fasya Shafira Azzahra

Where am I? Gue yang moto kali.

The Three Musketeers!
Ow, what happened with my lips? It was cidera.

Where is the father? Gak pernah lengkap ni kalo foto.

Karena gue lagi cidera dan terluka (oooh) jadinya adek gue yang narsis.

Boleh juga gayanya. Ck

Well, I hope there's still much time to be spent together :')


Btw met hari Kartini yeah!
Girls, mana semangatnyaaaa a a a a (ga jelas)

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