October 1, 2009


Thanks for acting like you care and making me feel like I was the only one And the award for the best lie goes to you for making me believe that you would be faithful to me let's hear you speech out I don't know what you are expecting of me Tell me why this hurts so much My hands are at your throat and I think I hate you So shut your mouth or I'll cut your tongue

*CONGRATZ FOR NAD AND CC, what an instant, fast, quick, and easy process! I'm REALLY happy for you both :)


  1. lo kenapa sa? kayaknya isi blog lo sedih dan marah2 mulu. ada masalah sm seseorang? if you don't mind, i wanna know.

  2. gue kayak dibuang dimana aja, gue tersingkir, dan tidak layak dicintai ahahaha saking stresnya lah gue ngerasa gitu hahahah

  3. sama siapa? kok kayanya parah banget
    mungkin gara2 lo pendem sendiri kali jadinya kerasa beban


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