October 19, 2009

I'm sad...

How was UB 2? It was fun and fine, so let's just skip it.

I had another news which could make us speechless and really sad :(
I was shocked when my friend told me about this. I didn't believe, but it had happened and I couldn't do anything for it.

I wasn't her close friend actually, but I have memory about her, and I feel like I wanna share it..

I had known her since I was in grade 10, she was in XB, and I was in XA. But it wasn't close, maybe she didn't know me yet.

But in grade 11, I met her again in Futsal team. Then I got close to her because we used to play futsal together every week. I was underestimating her, because I was thinking, she was weak, and not too good to play. I thought she joined the team just for fun, not serious, and follow her friends.

I was wrong. She had a willing, and a spirit. She asked me how to kick the ball, how to dribble. And I showed her how, I taught her. And when she kicked the ball, and finally scored a goal, I saw a happy shiny face of her! She said, "Look, Isa, I finally made a goal, yeeaah!" She smiled, and then ran to catch the ball again. I wouldn't forget her expression at that time. She was trying to make her skill better. I was so happy seeing her like that.

And in grade 12, I've never got a chance to play futsal anymore. I was busy with the chores and homeworks. I missed the team. We are the first generation of Futsal team in 39. I will never forget that. And suddenly, she is gone. In the middle of first semester in grade 12. Road accident. I didn't what should I do when I heard this news. I was really sad. I didn't believe that it's happened to her. But it happened. If I could turn back time........... :(

And now, let's pray to God. Wish her all the best.

I don't what to say. I was sad, deeply.

Esther Natalia Lallo

Good Bye, My friend. We'll always love you! We won't forget you!

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