August 22, 2009

Missing F4


I don't know why. But, I feel like I lost you all, F4. I still don't understand why they call us 'F4'. Well, I kind of enjoying that name hehehe :)
I hope you don't hate me, girls, I know I had changed into a bad person. But someday, I will tell you the truth why I changed, only if you want to hear it. As long as you still treat me as a good friend of yours, it is a wonderful thing for me. Because I really miss you, girls. I love you all.
I'm crying when i write this. You have to know, actually, i need your help. But, the one who started these things happened is me, so I think I have to solve these problems alone. I need you to support me, girls.
I was wrong in this case. I should have listened to all of you, girls. But I didn't, and I'm very regretful. I understand if you all are disappointed to me. But please please please, forgive me.
Thanks for the friendship, girls. I really really appreciate that. I hope this friendship will never die. Always contact! :)
Wish me luck in this case, girls! I hope this will be solved soon :)

Makasi atas traktirannya F, kado menyusul ;) bingung mau kado apa.
You are the most confident girl and strong always K!
The pretties and the sweetest, of course you E :p

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